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Badger 2Badger (Meles meles)  If you are lucky enough to see one in the park , you will recognise the badger by its black and white head. It is the largest of a family of animals with a fairly strong odour. 

The males are called boars, the females are known as sows and babies are called cubs.  A full grown boar is bigger than a sow and measure about 1 m (3ft) from nose to tail and weighs about 14kg (30lbs) which is about the size of a Labrador but with short legs.

Badgers eat almost anything although about 80% of their diet is earthworms, the remainder being made up of frogs, slugs, small rodents, fruit, nuts, and grubs.  During winter when food is in harder to come by the badgers spends most of their time in their underground houses or setts . They have a very musky smell so you might have a better chance of smelling them rather than seeing them in the park.