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Rabbit (Oryctolagus ciniculus)  Originally from SpainRabbit11 and South-West
 France, rabbits are social animals and live in groups of about 6-10 adults together with their young, in burrow systems called warrens.  Warren tunnels can be 1-2 metres long and the nest at the end of the tunnel is lined with grass, moss and belly fur.  The males are called bucks, the females are known as does and the babies are called kittens. They are grey-brown in colour on the back, under parts are paler grey. The upper side of their short fluffy tail is also grey-brown and the underside is white. Rabbits have compact bodies, long ears and powerful hind legs. They are most active at dawn and dusk and can often be seen grazing and browsing on grass, herbs and the branches and leaves of woody plants.