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butterfly small tortoiseshellbutterfly ringletbutterfly small heathbutterfly orange tipbutterfly large whitebutterfly- Commabutterfly green veinedbutterfly peacock

There are about 32 different species of butterflies in the U.K. Some are found all over the country however others appear in only specific locations. Many of the butterfly species are in decline, not just in Scotland but over the U.K. in general. We are fortunate in Plean Country Park to have a number of volunteers who record the species seen within the park as part of a national survey. Information gathered is submitted to Butterfly Conservation.

Butterflies and moths both extract nectar from flowers and belong to the same group of insects called Lepidoptera which means 'scale wings.' Butterflies cannot fly if their body temperature falls too low so they tend to fly only during the day. Moths are usually active at night and rest during the day in woodland habitat. There are however two quite distinctive moths in Plean Country Park which can be found flying around during the day. They are the 6 Spot Burnet moth and the Chimney Sweeper moth which are pictured below with more butterflies which can be seen through spring, summer and into autumn.

butterfly painted ladybutterfly small copperbutterfly small whitemeadow-brown-butterfly-ghioridail-july2011 opt optbutterfly common blue optbutterfly red admiralMoth 6 spot burnetMoth- chimney sweeper